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We value our patients' experience at Family Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Annie Mickelson
Your Farmington Chiropractor

Healthy Without Taking Medications

My initial reason for seeking chiropractic care was for general soreness in my back from lifting and carrying my children, as well as lots of bending and lifting in the garden. Once I discovered how chiropractic care worked, I started seeing Dr. Mickelson for illness such as sinus pressure and headaches. It really made me feel good that I could be treated by just adjusting my body instead of putting medications into my system.

I have also brought my two boys (ages 5 & 2) to see Dr. Mickelson for regular adjustments. I always wondered why kids might need adjustments, but when I thought about it more, I realized that kids...especially boys are always jumping, falling and playing rough. Their growing bodies need adjustments just as much, or maybe even more than adults. I've even brought them to Dr. Mickelson when they were sick with ear infections and fevers. It seems that they usually take a turn for the better after being adjusted.

Being adjusted has been great for my whole family, including my husband! It is amazing how well you can feel when you walk out after having something that was clearly out of place. I had never been seen by a chiropractor before Dr. Mickelson and didn't know much about chiropractic. Dr. Mickelson has really helped my family and I by diagnosing the problem, educating us, and letting us know what she is going to do to fix it. I can't imagine not being seen by her on a regular basis now. It is a new way for our family to stay healthy without taking medications. Thanks Dr. Annie!

Laura, Burnsville, MN

I Immediately Felt Relief

I started chiropractic therapy for the first time because of pain in my back, neck, and hips that was becoming very limiting. I had tried physical therapy, massage therapy, and had several ergonomic evaluations at work – nothing was helping. After the first session I immediately felt relief of some pain, and noticed on my drive home that I could turn my head farther than I’ve been able to in years! A few weeks later I felt like a whole new person!!! I have been able to start running again which feels amazing! Dr. Mickelson also taught me ways to adjust my work environment so it is more comfortable for me. I can’t believe how much improvement I’ve seen in such short time! I’d say that I’m back to my old self, but I actually feel better than that!!!

Becki, Eagan, MN

Improving Overall Health

I used to be a pretty typical chiropractic patient - I would only come in if I was in pain. I found that I was in a vicious cycle of letting my pain get to a high level before I would do anything about it. Any new activity or change in exercise would seem to set me into a lot of pain. Since seeing Dr. Mickelson, she has taught me how to maintain my body through regular treatments and some lifestyle changes. Now I'm not only living pain-free, but I've experienced improvements in my mood, sleep, and digestion. I understand that chiropractic is not only about pain relief - its about improving overall health and day to day life.

Matt , Farmington, MN

Improving My Sleep

I started coming in to get treated for Gastroparesis, IBS and sleep issues. After ONE visit I slept 12 hours! Before I was only sleeping up to 2 hours for the past 6 months. I woke up with out being dizzy and nauseous for the first time in 4 years. Everyone is so helpful and nice here, makes you excited to come back.

Kayla L, Farmington, MN

10 Year Old with Headaches

I used to have headaches every day and even missed a lot of school. I used to get car sick all the time too. Ever since I've come to Dr. Annie I haven't gotten a headache or been carsick. I love everybody who works here. 

Claire M, Farmington, MN

Improved My Quality of Life

I was referred  by my husband who is only standing thanks to Dr. Annie. I had only been hurt by past chiropractors. Dr. Annie changed my perspective and greatly improved my quality of life. Plus she is a genuine kind soul and it's actually fun to come in! I have referred friends and co-workers. Huge fan! Thank you for what you do!

Ursula L, Bloomington, MN

I Feel Wonderful

After breaking my leg and being in a walking boot for many weeks, I had hip pain and my body felt off balance. When Dr. Annie saw me for the first time, my right leg was over an inch shorter than the left. I have been having adjustments every other week and I feel wonderful. Dr. Annie and her office gals are so down to earth welcoming. I started taking my 4 kids there and they beg to go back. They say Dr. Annie is so cool. 

Cheryl B, Farmington, MN

Took My Friends Advice

One day I noticed my shoulders were crooked, so I took a friends advice and made my very first trip to a chiropractor. I had heard good things about Dr. Annie, so I chose Family Chiropractic. I've felt better ever since and will continue to return every other week!

Chris O, Farmington, MN

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